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My emu oil is very thick and creamy.

Q:Is this normal? Why does my emu oil change appearance from time to time?
A: Emu oil naturally has a creamy semi-solid consistency and only begins to liquefy above 75-80 degrees. When your emu oil becomes very thick simply warm it under hot water. It will return to its natural consistency again when it cools. Consistency will often change during different times of the year, and often, but not always, according to the weather and ambient temperature.

Emu oil will naturally divide into 2 fractions, one more solid, one pure liquid over time, if left unmoved and under certain temperature factors. Together, these two fractions contain the entire benefits of emu oil. Separated, they do not contain all the beneficial components of the oil.

In years past, some companies offered only the top liquid component, touting it as the "best" of the emu oil; however, we now know much more about the oil and research has concurred that both fractions must be present to be most beneficial for softening skin and reducing pain and irritations. When your oil separates, simply shake it together.

Please review the articles found in the research area of our website for additional information regarding the natural state and components and composition of fully refined emu oil.

How can I tell if emu oil is of high quality?

Q: I have tried some emu oil and wish to try some more. I am interested in how to buy the best quality and what it takes to make this quality. The one I tried was a milky substance with a yellow tint and kind of thick at room temperature. Is this best?
A: 100% pure certified emu oil is a totally unique natural product. As ambient temperature varies, the consistency of emu oil will vary from thick at cold temperatures to completely liquid at high temperatures. For best quality choose oil that is cream to light yellow in color, odorless, and tasteless or very bland. A dark yellow, red or brown tint indicates a low quality product or a poor refining process.

The best way to determine the quality of emu oil is to check for yourself that it is: odorless, tasteless, light in color and contains no peroxides. Some vendors use herbs (citrus or rosemary, for example) to cover up odors in lower quality oil. Peroxides cause the oil to break down and to deteriorate rapidly, reducing the shelf life. Our emu oil is odorless, tasteless, ingestible, and has absolutely no peroxides.

If you can't inspect the oil in person then it's best to buy directly from a reputable vendor. High Cascade oversees all aspects of emu oil production and can ensure top quality and freshness. We hand raise our emus on our ranch and feed them only the highest quality feed. Absolutely no steroids, hormones or antibiotics are used. We also control the processing, refining, packaging and storage of the oil.

What are the different grades of emu oil? Which is best?
Since emu oil is relatively new to the west, the FDA still hasn't developed a grading system for emu oil. Many vendors use the system set by the American Emu Association that defines three grades of emu oil: crude, once refined and fully refined. This system doesn't tell you the exact quality of an oil, it just tells you which category the emu oil is in. Even within the different grades of emu oil there are variances allowed. High Cascade adheres to the highest possible standards and allows only the purest oil from the best fat to be packaged for human use. This same high quality emu oil is used in all High Cascade products.

Emu oil for human use should be "fully refined," and not just filtered or refined. Even fully refined emu oil can have an "off" color or taste and contain peroxides that cause the oil to deteriorate. The best way around vendor claims is to determine the quality for yourself.

What is the difference between your High Cascade Pure Certified Emu Oil and your Veterinary Quality Emu Oil?
All of our 100% pure, fully refined certified emu oil is odorless, tasteless, ingestible and is of pharmaceutical quality. Our 100% pure and refined "Veterinary Quality Emu Oil" is intended for use on animals and is NOT odorless or tasteless. It is, however, perfectly safe for human use.

Organic Emus?

Q: I was wondering about the emus you use. Are they fed organically and raised without chemicals?
A: We hand raise our emus the "old fashioned way" on our ranch in Oregon with absolutely no steroids, hormones or antibiotics. If you're in the Eagle Point, Oregon area call toll free (800) 814-3687 to visit the ranch.

Tired of Being Blue

Q: Do you use any artificial dyes in your What a Relief gel? I used another brand and it turned me blue!
A: Absolutely not! Our What a Relief! Gel is a natural off-white gel that rubs into the skin without a trace.

Q:I had purchased the Super Blue Stuff from television and find great relief from it, except in the pocketbook area! It's very expensive and very stinky, and after a month turns to super greenish stuff. How does your product compare to the ingredients in sbstuff? I really liked it, but your prices are better and maybe in gel form it won't turn color? And it may spread easier? And it is less money?
A: Our What a Relief! Gel is the original emu oil, MSM and Aloe pain relief formula and the ingredients are nearly identical to Blue Stuff. However, our product costs up to 40% less and it DOESN'T contain any water, artificial ingredients or dyes.

Skin sensitive to fragrance

Q: Hi - I love the 4-in-1 dog shampoo, and I just got a trial size of emu oil, which is great. I think I would like some of your other products - face cream, nail oil -- but I can't wear anything that has a scent. What do you suggest?
A: None of the emu oil products (Emule' Certified Emu Oil, High Cascade Certified Emu Oil, Emule' Nails and Emule' Vanity Oil) have an added fragrance. Our oil is odorless, tasteless oil, 100% fragrance free.

4IN1 Pet Shampoo, 3IN1 Pet Bar, WorkMate Hand Lotion, Buzz Off Lotion, Horse & Rider Shampoo, Alpha Renew, and Natural Renew have NO FRAGRANCE ADDED. Each of these products derives their fragrance from the ingredients, i.e. cedar, patchouli, citronella oil, lemon, and such.

All the Emule' hair and body care products (Protein Shampoo, Protein Conditioner, Hand Lotion, Body Oil Mist, and Body Shampoo) have a very light fragrance added called Oregon Rain.

Q: I am very restricted on the ingredients I can use on my skin. Specifically, all products I use must be free of salysilates . . . I've looked over the ingredients you have listed and would like to know if there are any other inactive ingredients not listed. Thanks for your help.
A: No, all the ingredients are listed on the web site.

Emu Oil and Chicken Pox

Q: My son is 8 months old and has the Chicken Pox. I was surfing the net to see how to prevent scarring and came across your site on the uses of Emu Oil. Would you recommend the use of Emu Oil on Chicken Pox to reduce scarring and aid in healing the sores. If so, when would be the best time to start applying it?
A: Yes! You should begin using Emu Oil immediately; it is safe for all ages. You should use a Pure Emu Oil product (no other ingredients) and apply it to the sores 3-4 times a day. Not only will it help prevent scarring, but it helps stop the itching as well. You should start as soon as possible.

Emu Oil and Lupus

Q: I am emailing you about my mother, she has lupus really bad and I wanted to know if your product of the emu oil would work for her. She has constant pain from head to toe. She is 67 years old. I've seen another product out there and it's called SUPER BLUE STUFF, with emu oil in it. What I need to know is it the oil that is helping with the pain or not. Because if it's just the oil then we are in business. Please let me know something as soon as possible. Thank you for your time ......My mother needs to have real relief of this pain.
A: Emu oil is generally best used for pain in its purest state, undiluted with other products. However, combined with other products like MSM & aloe in our What A Relief! and has other added benefits such as an "icy hot" sensation that some people enjoy (almost identical in formula to Blue Stuff but at a fraction of the cost). I always recommend that people try using the oil alone first. People generally feel relief very quickly. Have your mother apply the oil 3-5 times a day to the painful areas. I also recommend that she take Emu Oil internally, or take our Emu Oil Gel Caps. After you swallow the Emu Oil, the residue absorbs immediately through the mucous membranes of the mouth. High Cascade is one of the only companies in the United States with odorless and tasteless oil.

Dog Ringworm

Q: My dog has been diagnosed with ringworm. It is affecting a few areas but I am especially concerned about his paws. I have tried some oral medications but I don't seem to be having any luck. Do you recommend...emu oil and if so what products?
A: Absolutely. I would recommend the Veterinary Quality Emu Oil, applied several times daily. Your dog may try to lick it off, so try to keep him calm and spend around 5 minutes rubbing the oil into his paws. This will give the oil time to penetrate before he can lick it off.

Processing Emus

How is your emu oil processed?
A: Adult emus have a large pocket of fat on their back. We render the fat to remove impurities during the refining process. However, this "crude emu oil" still has some coloration, taste, and odor. We then refine the emu oil again so that it is odorless and tasteless. When you see emu oil advertised as "refined" or "fully refined" that doesn't tell you enough to determine the quality of the oil. The highest quality oil is fully refined, but it is also odorless, tasteless, has no peroxides and can be ingested. Lower quality emu oil will have an odor or a dark yellow, red, or brown tint, and it will contain peroxides. Peroxides break down the emu oil and cause it to deteriorate rapidly, which reduces its shelf life.

Administer Emu Oil to a Cat

Q: I have a 9 year old cat with severe arthritis (from a congenital abnormality) in both back knee joints. He doesn't like baths or things put on his skin/fur. How does one use emu oil on a cat? Is it greasy? Will it rub off all over my furniture? Is it easily washed out of fabrics? What happens if he licks it off--which he will probably do? Will it make him sick?
A: If you're applying the oil to a wound, apply a small amount and distribute over the area several times daily. Use no more than can be absorbed within a few minutes or else it could end up on your furniture. The oil will wash out of most fabrics. If you're giving your cat emu oil for arthritis or dry, flaky skin or other systemic ailments, it should be administered orally. Mix the oil in with your cat's food. The usual dosage would be 1 teaspoon once or twice daily depending on the condition. No, the emu oil will not make your cat sick. Our emu oil is 100% pure and is odorless, tasteless, and perfectly safe for consumption by animals or humans.

Shelf Life of Emu Oil

Q: I recently ordered some of your emu oil products, and was wondering what the shelf life of them is? Do they go rancid over time, and will they go bad in summer outdoor weather? Do I need to keep it in the fridge?
A: All products that contain emu oil, as well as other oils, should be stored at room temperature and never exposed to extreme heat. An example of extreme heat would be leaving sunscreen out by the pool all summer long, which would significantly reduce shelf life. Emu oil can be stored in the refrigerator; however, it must be brought back to room temperature for dispensing. High Cascade Certified Emu Oil is refined to pharmaceutical quality, meaning that all the peroxides have been removed and as a result, its shelf life is at least one year.

Emu Oil and Stretch Marks

Q: Help! I have had three kids and I badly need to get rid of my stretch marks. A friend of mine said that emu oil helped get rid of hers. Does it really work?
A: We haven't done any clinical studies on this, but we've received hundreds of testimonials over the last nine years from people who have had positive results using emu oil for stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. Research shows that emu oil helps thicken skin by as much as 14% and improves the elasticity of the skin, which allows the skin to stretch easier without damage. Emu oil contains three essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9) that are essential for healthy skin.

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