I have had gout since I was 38 years old. I am currently 55 (I think) and for the most part my attacks range from mild to severe. Recently this year I had a severe drug induced attack that lasted exactly 60 days. I never had a gout attack last longer than 10 days but within the last 3 years I have had one last a month and now this one lasted 2 months. It was so severe that I had to resort to natural methods in caring for my pain levels in which I could not walk. I had to crawl on my buttocks to the restroom. The pain was so bad I wept.

I used High Cascade's What-A-Relief Pain Relief Topical Gel. Although it most everything I have tried was negligible, What-A-Relief Topical Pain Relief Gel did help to take the bite off. Morphine and Dilaudid were also required in addition to Prednisone but without the topical relief gel it would have been considerably more. Thank you for your awesome product. Now I use it for my shoulder pain. Amazing! --Greg - Eagle Point, OR 8/14/2014