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Our hair and skin care products simply outshine the competition because of the pure emu oil that is incorporated into each product. Included in this department is nail care and hand lotions. Want to feel good about yourself? Put it on...all on. Watch yourself go from dull to glow as the emu oil does its charm on you. Come in and look at all the selections and learn why emu oil makes a big difference in the care of your hair and skin.

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Emule' Cleansing Bar - 3.5 oz
Emule' Hand & Body Lotion - 1 oz
Our Price: $2.95
510 in stock!
Emule' Lip Saver - .25 oz
Our Price: $4.95
635 in stock!
Emule' Cleansing Bar - 3.5 oz
Our Price: $5.95
257 in stock!
With our 1 oz bottle of Hand & Body Lotion you may want to horde it, hide it and keep it away from everyone you love.  Once people try this lotion they too will want to hoard your bottle so be warned!   A daily lotion with Emu Oil that hydrates, soothes and, nourishes the skin creating a allover body radiance. Our Lip Saver in its .25 oz container is the best product to protect you against chapped lips, sun and wind burns. Our secret ingredient is our high quality emu oil found in this small product but dynamically provides healing to your sensitive skin. Before going outside make sure you have our Emule' Lip Saver with you. Just when you thought our products couldn't get better we come out with a natural, gentle glycerin based soap with Emu Oil and Vitamin E. in a 3.5 oz package.  See for yourself how this will leave you feeling soft, moisturized and clean.
.5 oz Emu Oil
High Cascade Buzz Off Bar - 3.5 oz
Our Price: $5.95
354 in stock!
Emule' For Nails - .5 oz
Our Price: $8.95
482 in stock!
Emule' Hand & Body Lotion - 8 oz
Our Price: $10.95
338 in stock!
Who ever thunk that you could do so much with a bar of soap?   We know how much you like the outdoors and we don't think you should have to stay indoors because the mosquitoes and biting insects are buzzing the airways.  

High Cascade's Buzz Off Bar is a gentle, natural cleanser and insect repellent in one product.  Use to shave, bathe and shampoo.
Our small .5 oz diamond glass with nail brush contains pure Emule' AEA Certified Fully Refined Grade A Emu Oil to work hard in promoting healing of your cuticles and healthy nails. Whew, we know you are thanking us for making this larger 8 oz bottle of our most popular Emule' Hand & Body Lotion. You can relax a bit sharing this because it is large enough to let others try a tiny bit while making them buy their own. Our Hand & Body provides a daily lotion with Emu Oil that hydrates, soothes and, nourishes the skin creating a allover body radiance.
2 oz Emu Oil
Emule' Protein Shampoo - 8 oz
Our Price: $10.95
296 in stock!
High Cascade Workmate Hand Cream - 4 oz
Our Price: $12.95
258 in stock!
Emule' Vanity Oil - 2 oz
Our Price: $22.95
472 in stock!
Everyone will love the way your hair looks and smells with our prized hair care product called Emule' Protein Shampoo in a larger 8 oz container. Purchase the larger 8 oz version and use it to refill the smaller container for your use. Put this shampoo to the test and see the compliments that you will get. This is our best kept secret...shhhhh.   Do you have rough & abused hands? Workmate forms a water-resistant invisible glove to protect hands and promote healing. 4 oz. A wonderful facial aide which provides a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, has unique penetrating qualities, and promotes healing and healthy skin.  Apply this at night for moisturizing benefits and during the day for anti-aging effects.
Emule' Natural ReNew - 2 oz
Emule' Alpha ReNew - 2 oz
Our Price: $22.95
Emule' Natural ReNew - 2 oz
Our Price: $22.95
640 in stock!
This is our most favorite night time anti-aging formula for your skin with all natural Alpha Hydroxy and emu oil in a 2 oz. glass bottle with pump.  Notice this difference right away in the mornings when you awake. Wow, our daily moisturizer with Emu Oil, Vitamin C, and E for advanced face and eye care will provide you with all the nurturing that you face needs during the day.   It also comes in a diamond shaped 2 oz. glass bottle with a pump. Economical set of all three facial beauty treatments. Contains 2 oz. each Emule' AEA Certified Fully Refined Grade A Emu Oil, Emule' Natural Renew, Emule' Alpha Renew in matching glass bottles with pump. Add Emule' Cleansing Bar for complete facial care.