High Cascade Story

You are our success!

What's Important to Us?
You are the reason we continue to create products that serve your needs. We would not be here without you. Our commitment to bringing you the absolute best products has not wavered. You expected the highest quality products and we delivered.

The secret to bringing you highly refined Emu Oil starts with the care and love we pour into our birds here at High Cascade ranch. That enables us to develop Emule' Fully Refined Grade A Emu Oil products, What A Relief! Topical Gel pain relief products & High Cascade 4 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner Concentrate products. We have a host of other products as well that we are equally proud to bring you.

High Cascade Premier Enterprises was founded in 1994. It has always been family owned and operated, and dedicated to making quality and affordable emu products. We began selling emu meat and when the wonderful properties and potential of emu oil were discovered we began selling it as well. Located in Oregon, High Cascade Premier Enterprises markets emu oil and meat produced only from American grown emus.

As one of the earliest American companies to provide emu oil and emu oil products to the public, we are committed to manufacture and market only emu oil products of the highest quality and safety. All High Cascade emu oil sold for human or topical use is pharmaceutical quality emu oil. It is very expensive to process high quality emu oil and High Cascade is one of the few companies that strictly follow this protocol.

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