A Podiatrist’s Findings
Comprehensive Research Confirms Clinical Observations-Emu Oil Reduces Inflammation!

To:  High Cascade Premier Enterprises, LTD

Mrs. Craig:

It is with great pleasure that I relate to you and your company the therapeutic benefits that I have seen and personally experienced as a result of using your emu oil products over the years. As a podiatrist I've treated a myriad of maladies wherein your products have helped provide relief and healing. Especially, the skin conditions of dryness, fissuring and inflammation (preulcerativc in some cases) have in many instances been notably counteracted by topical application of your Pure Emu Oil. Everyone that I've known to try it for inflammation has seemed to benefit from its use.  It's amazing how just a small amount of emu oil applied several times daily can help.

Of particular interest, given that your Pure Emu Oil has clinically proven itself time and again to relieve inflammation, is a recent study of the emu oil effect. The research, conducted by Yoganathan, et.al, Antagonism of Croton Oil Inflammation by Topical Emu Oil in CD-Mice, applies solid scientific methodology that evaluates, among other things,the cytokine effect that is linked directly to inflammation. As you may be aware, cytokines are proteins produced by cells that trigger many biological responses, such as inflammation, anti-inflammation and tissue breakdown.

I found it gratifying that emu oil has now been objectively linked to the reduction of proinflammatory cytokine levels. This finding conceptually supports my clinical observations.  Since lipid content plays such a major role in health of the skin and subcutaneous fat, reducing the potential for lipid breakdown (a proinflammatory effect of cytokines) may be the reason behind the apparent success of using emu oil, which seems to lessen the rate, extent and/or occurrence of skin inflammation, breakdown and ulceration. Emu oil seems especially important for diabetics or anyone with the potential for skin ulceration. Though I have only prescribed emu oil for topical application, the mechanism of action and potential benefit of emu oil is only beginning to be understood and appreciated.  With future research, I suspect that even ingestion of emu oil will show generalized medicinal benefits for treatment of such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, including diabetes, where proinflammatory cytokines seem to play a role.

Musculoskeletal conditions, especially tendonitis, arthritis and bursitis, have also clinically responded well to the anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil, using both your Pure Emu Oil and your product called What a Relief. I've tried many different other products including salicylic-compounded creams, pepper concoctions and other emu oil compounds (that go from blue to gray and cause a dermatitis with prolonged use). Although other products have helped, to one degree or another, in my experience none have been as consistent as yours in providing relief with reduced pain and swelling.  Other positive factors found with your products are prolonged shelf life and the lack of side effects that other products often create.

On a personal note, I use What a Relief topically for my chronic painful back condition (herniations, stenosis and associated muscle spasms) and for sinus headaches. Also, I use your Pure Emu Oil orally to treat sore throat due to viruses and allergy. If people were more aware of how these products could improve their level of comfort there would be a lot less uncomfortable people in this world. I recommend your products at every opportunity. Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Gilbert Hice, DPM, MS              Gold Hill. Oregon